Controls of the game:
Like I have said before, the game has two main characters, both characters are controlled with different sets of keys.

– Fireboy arrow keys
– Watergirl A, W, D keys

Are you a fan of adventure games? I am and I always have been, I still remember how I used to play various adventure games on my old console, classic games such as Mario, Batman, and Robin, Chip ‘n’ Dale, etc. My childhood was pretty awesome thanks to these games. Anyway, I got a little bit carried by my memories, what I want to talk about right now is a brand new online game – Fireboy And Watergirl Unblocked. This is a free online game that features two main characters and your objective is to collect crystals and reach the finish line. We will cover the details below so make sure that you don’t miss anything.

How to play:
In this game you must control two characters, one character is Fireboy and another one is Watergirl, each character is unique and different, one has fire elements and another one has water element. In the game your main objective is to collect crystals and reach the finish line, it is important to note that both characters must reach exit doors in order to finish a level.

Along the way you will face various obstacles, in some cases, it will be a pool of lava and in some cases water obstacles, there are other ones as well, for example, green slime, green slime is dangerous for both Fireboy & Watergirl. You must have figured out already that Fireboy can handle obstacles that are based on fire elements and Watergirl can overcome obstacles that have a water element. In each case use the specific character for a specific obstacle and you will be fine.

Dangerous waters:
There are some obstacles that are deadly for both main characters, for example, green slime, in this case, please play with caution and avoid these areas. If you still have to come close to these deadly areas due to mission (for example if a crystal is located next to the green slime), make sure that you don’t touch these obstacles, otherwise, you will die and lose the game.

In order to identify which elements are dangerous for you, please read game tips that pop-up from time to time on the screen, they will guide you in the dangerous world of traps.

Levels in the game:
There are various levels in the game, in total, you can find 32 different maps. To finish the game you will have to clean all 32 levels, you will have to collect all crystals and complete all the objectives.

Timed challenge:
At the end of the level, the game calculates your overall score, the game takes into account how many crystals you have collected, how much time you have wasted, etc. A lot of people manage to control both characters at the same time, this is a pretty challenging objective and requires decent gaming skills. You can try to play with both hands if you want to, it will dramatically save the required time and you will collect more points.

This game on your device:
Download Fireboy And Watergirl Unblocked on your phone and play it from there, we have working links, check them below.

YouTube guide:
Check the video guide, you will see how to overcome all obstacles and levels.

In the end, it is safe to say that this is a pretty decent online game, an unblocked mode is an awesome feature as well, it allows you to play the game fully, with all maps and features unlocked. If you want to leave your feedback please feel free to use the comments section below.

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